At Westside Petroleum we believe that when it comes to your wheels you deserve choice. That’s why we provide you with a wide variety of quality fuels.

From unleaded petroleum, diesel and LPG through to numerous Shell oils and lubricants, we make moving and managing your wheels easy.

Quality fuels that last the distance

Torque Range

Torque 98

Premium Unleaded 98

A premium-unleaded fuel exclusive to Westside Petroleum, Torque 98 is suitable for use in European and new model vehicles. Its high-octane level means the fuel burns much cleaner, creating a high performing engine across all cars.

Torque 95

Premium Unleaded 95

A premium-unleaded fuel designed for both high performance and regular vehicles. Torque 95 delivers a better performance, smoother engine operations and takes you further than other fuels

Torque Premium Diesel

A fuel that delivers on all fronts.

Torque Premium Diesel improves fuel efficiency, reduces engine wear, cleans fuel injectors and increases engine power. Plus, it even lowers Co2 emissions.

Standard Fuel Range

Unleaded 91

The most commonly used fuel, Unleaded 91 is a highly refined fuel suitable for most automotive vehicles. It’s also suitable for 2 and 4 stroke motors such as those found in mowers, chainsaws and some motorcycles.

Unleaded E10

With a regulated mix of 10% ethanol this fuel is suitable for almost everyone. In fact, a number of newer model cars only use this fuel. Not only is it more environmentally friendly and a cleaner burning fuel, it also delivers a better performance from your vehicle.


A popular choice for light commercial and industrial vehicles, this fuel suits both high-speed automotive and industrial engines. Not only does diesel deliver smooth running and better performance in cold conditions, its high compression ratio means a slower burning fuel, which results in a better fuel economy, making it a better choice for the environment.


Popular for its combination of quality, economy and wide availability, LPG burns more cleanly than petrol, is non-toxic, non-corrosive and additive-free. A mixture of propane and butane it can only be used in LPG or duel LPG/fuel engines. Its important to note that as LPG has a lower energy density than petrol, its equivalent fuel consumption is higher.

Excellent engine care

Helix Ultra: ultimate protection for your engine

Helix Ultra delivers maximum engine clean up, improved fuel economy and cold starting. With the ability to remove sludge five times more effectively than mineral oils Helix Ultra offers up to 30% more protection than other synthetic leading brands.

It also improves fuel efficiency and cold starting. Helix Ultra also maintains viscosity and stays in grade throughout the oil-change interval, helping to reduce oil volatility, oil consumption and the need for top-ups.

Helix HX3: cleans and protects older engines

Helix HX3 is twice as effective at removing sludge as mineral oils therefore prolonging the life of your engine. It also offers up to 19% more protection than other synthetic leading brands tested and a higher viscosity that helps reduce oil consumption. Plus, it has an easier cold starting compared with monograde oils.

Helix HX5: reduced engine noise

Helix HX5 removes up to 23% more sludge than Helix HX3, giving you better engine performance. It also provides more than 69% more protection than Helix HX3 thanks to enhanced oxidation resistance.
Using special Active Cleansing Technology, Helix HX3 helps engines operate efficiently for a smoother and quieter drive. Plus it resists oil degradation throughout the oil drain interval.

HELIX HX7: clean and protect for extra responsiveness

HELIX HX7 removes up to 39% more sludge than Helix HX5 and protects for longer due to enhanced oxidation resistance. Plus it also improves fuel efficiency, helps to ensure a smoother, quieter drive, maintains viscosity and stays in grade throughout the oil-change interval. Not only does it improve fuel efficiency, it also helps reduce oil volatility and consumption, reducing the need for top-ups.

HELIX HX7 K: extra responsiveness for engines with 100,000km+

HELIX HX7 K has 30% more anti-wear than Shell Helix HX7. Its special Active Cleansing Technology means this option is up to twice as effective at removing sludge as mineral oil. Helix HX7 K provides up to 27% higher viscosity than Helix HX7 that stays in grade throughout the oil-change interval, helping reduce oil volatility, oil consumption and the need for top-ups.

ADVANCE AX7: enhancing the performance of motorcycles, underbones and mopeds

The ideal oil for high-performance motorbikes ADVANCE AX7 provides excellent shear stability to dampen vibration and reduce noise, proven friction control for smoother clutch engagement and gear changes. It also has proven protection against valve train wear, removes sludge and engine deposits and has a special formula that keeps oil in-grade for longer.
With a wide variety of fuels, lubricants and oils available at Westside you can decide how to keep your wheels moving. And if you have any queries, our friendly team is on site and ready to help.