Independent. Innovative. Caring. Community-Minded.

Founded in 2011, Westside Petroleum is an Australian owned and operated petroleum distributor and retailer with over 50 service station sites throughout NSW and Victoria.

  • Our independence: means we can focus on what truly matters: delivering superior service and choice to our customers.

  • Our innovation: has seen us lead the industry when it comes to service station design, premium quality fuels and service standards.
  • Caring: we believe in making your day easier so when you stop at a Westside station you can access quality fuels, excellent engine care, a convenience shop and more.
  • Community-Minded: our stations are run and managed by locals. And we believe in serving our local communities so are always looking at ways to partner with local and non-profit organisations.

At Westside we believe in serving our local communities as best we can. That’s why when you stop at one of our stations; you’re stopping by the neighbourhood hub that’s here to help.

We’re not only here to help keep your wheels turning, we’re also here to deliver the convenience and customer service you need to make your day that little bit easier.

It is this passion and drive for what we do that makes Westside Petroleum the right choice when it comes to your next stop along the road.