Sarah Murphy
Operations Support

One of the original members of the Westside team, Sarah joined the company in 2011. During her tenure Sarah has seen Westside grow from two locations to over 50.

Sarah is passionate about helping people anyway she can as part of the Operations Team and has enjoyed the growth and development of her role, which has evolved alongside Westside’s growth.

Her favourite thing about working at Westside is the close family-type bond the team shares. She is also proud of how Westside has grown and developed while retaining its focus and care of their team and customers.

A. Hard work. Good ethics. Loyal. Helpful.

A. It would probably be good if I learnt to swim now that Australia is my home (I used to live in the UK).

A. I have such arguments with my sons over the concept of time travel. Sorry, nope not going anywhere!

A. The House of the Moreys (Phyllis Bentley). It has a great, emotional plot and is set on the Yorkshire Moors where my family is from, and which I just adore.

A. Walking in our local bush, reading – I started our Village book club, crocheting, cooking, being with my family, and drinking endless cups of tea with friends.