Mary has been a Westside team member for over eight years, having joined the business in 2011. Prior to Westside, Mary held roles as Supply Chain Coordinator and subsequently National Supply Chain & Logistics Manager for Rebel Group, where she ensured a high performance business model for all brands and the national store network.
Mary is passionate about retail and its creative evolution. She loves seeing a concept come to life from the development and design stage through to the creation of a store, or the execution of the creative design across multiple store locations. Her favourite thing about working at Westside is not only the close knit team who all share a passion and genuine love of the Westside brand, but also the growth and reputation they have built and developed together since 2011.

A. Innovation. Creativity. Attention to detail. Integrity. Being an industry leader.

A. The guitar. I can (sort of) play the piano and would love to learn the Guitar as another form of creative expression.

A. Live Aid 1985. I would love to be part of the experience for its amazing artists, crazy crowd and what would have been a phenomenal atmosphere, all for a worthwhile cause.

A. Pride & Prejudice (Jane Austen). She was ahead of her time and this is a timeless read.

A. Reading. Eating out in new locations. Taking random trips on the weekend. Relaxing anyway I can and spending time with my nephews and niece.