Charlotte Walker
National Operations and HSSE Manager

Charlotte joined the Westside Team in 2019 following roles as a HSSE Specialist in the petroleum industry and an Environmental Engineer/Health Physicist at a Nuclear Power Station in England.

Inspired by a challenge, Charlotte is driven to make a difference and create a positive impact on her workplace. This involves the development and implementation of changes and approaches that will benefit both the employees and the business itself.

Her favourite thing about working at Westside is the tightknit family-like environment, which is a welcome change from her previous experience in large organisations.

A. Building comprehensive but easy to use systems and processes that improve team members day-to-day work life.

A. 2060 as I would love to see what my daughter is up to and who she turns out to be.

A. Anything by James Rollins. I’m a science geek and a lot of his books are based on scientific facts!

A. Photography, swimming and hanging out with my beautiful daughter and husband.

Charlotte ( Charlie) Walker